Auto Glass Services


At Fenton Glass, we've developed a reputation as the foremost installer of OEM glass in Southeast Michigan. Original Equipment Manufactured glass is made to your vehicle's specifications for correct form and fit. 


"Quality" can be defined in many ways. At Fenton Glass, we ensure quality by using Original Equipment Manufactured parts. Proper installation is critical. Experienced certified technicians ensure that the right parts are installed correctly. Customer satisfaction is our goal.


Your' time is valuable. To serve you better, we have designed fully equipped mobile units that will travel to your home or office. For safety reasons, your vehicle's glass may require installation in the controlled environment of our shop. Please call Fenton Glass Service and schedule your appointment.

Windshield Chip Repair

A chipped windshield may not seem seem important but it is better to get it repaired immediately as they can become a large crack and then you many need to get your windshield replaced. Our technicians are specially trained to repair your windshield and will be able to tell if your windshield needs repair or replacement. Generally, If the stone chip is  smaller than a half dollar we can most likely get your chip repaired. Please contact us.
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Windshield Replacement

Safety is a top priority at Fenton Glass. We ensure that every installation meets federal guidelines.  Here are some general rules for knowing if your windshield needs to be replaced: 
  • The chip is more than 6 inches long
  • The chip runs through your line of sight 
  • The chip runs into the edge of the windshield
  • There are more than 3 chips in your windshield
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Vintage Auto Glass

 From rear view mirrors to windshields we offer custom glass solutions for your classic car needs. 
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Recreational Vehicle Glass

Recreational Vehicle glass is not a standard replacement it is a speciality replacement.  At Fenton Glass we have have the space, the technicians, and the glass vendors to meet all your RV glass solutions. 
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